Carriage Driving


Judge: Mr J Dobson Rotherham

carriageJudging: not before 1.00pm
Bowes Agricultural Society driving classes are affiliated to the British Driving Society, and are open to stallions, mares, or geldings 4 Years and over.

This section is kindly sponsored by Paul Tranter & Co.

PRIVATE DRIVING CLASS (Traditional Vehicles)

Prizes: 1st, £20; 2nd £15 3rd, £10; 4th £5.

Rosettes to all competitors

Open to singles, pairs and multiples horses and ponies 4 years old and over driven to a traditional vehicle (commercial vehicles, hackney show wagons, pneumatic tyres not allowed).


H78. PRIVATE DRIVING CLASS. The winner to receive the Bowes Show Driving Perpetual Challenge Trophy, presented by Mr. & Mrs. D. Butterell, and kindly re-presented by K & L Wilson, to be held for one year only.

Prizes: 1st,£10; 2nd, £6; 3rd, £4; 4th £2;
Rosettes to all competitors.

H79. EXERCISE CART DRIVING CLASS FOR REGISTERED SHETLANDS 4 years and over. Registered numbers MUST be provided with entry form. Winner to receive a society rosette.

H80. EXERCISE CART DRIVING CLASS ponies and donkeys not exceeding 122cm excluding registered Shetland Ponies, ponies aged 4 years and over

H81. EXERCISE CART DRIVING CLASS ponies and donkeys exceeding 122cm aged 4 years and over

carriage_1The winners of classes 80 and 81 will each hold a Lewington Trophy for one year.

Please note: The Fell Pony Society and the Dales Pony Society have presented rosettes for the best-driven pony registered to each society. Registered names and numbers MUST be included on
the entry form. To qualify for Fell Pony performance rosettes exhibitors must produce a valid membership card in the ring. To claim Dales Pony performance rosettes the exhibitor must be or
become a member of the Dales Pony Society.


Prizes: 1st £50; 2nd £30; 3rd £20; 4th £10; Rosettes to all competitors Entry Fee: £6.00

Please note: It is recommended that all persons riding on carriages in this class should wear appropriate BSI approved safety helmets, properly fastened at all times.

carriage_2H82. 10KM SHOW DRIVE / MINI-MARATHON over a stewarded, marked course, covering a range of terrain from roads and grass to fell, may include a water hazard. Followed by a short, timed obstacle course in the show ring on return to the show field. The Bowes Show Challenge Trophy to be held for one year by the winner. Under 16s must be accompanied on the carriage by a responsible adult. This class is open to competitors 14 years and over, horses/ponies 4 years and over.

BDS Show Drive rosettes which are collected for the cumulative Red Rover Award are only awarded for a completed Show Drive. Turnouts must be inspected by the judge before going out on to the road.

Photography in the Gallery (below) by Paul Tranter and Chris Lax

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